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PRIXLINERS cordial greetings live from Madrid PRIXLINE you know that it always broadcasts live Well, I’m Luis from PRIXLINE who doesn’t know me Y what we are going to tell you always remember that they are our opinion, they are not legal disclaimer recommendations well let’s get to the point today we are going to talk about construction work Now I present to the guest that we have that she is a very special guest with a lot of experience First of all PRIXLINERS I want to read two comments one is from william castro who has arrived this morning and I am not going to read because it has made me very happy and teaches us many things I read it to you although you have it in the video comments just below here says william castro Hi Luis and PRIXLINERS I am William from Colombia I arrived in Spain this Monday, August 12 as a tourist all right direct flight from bogota to barcelona to be immigration without setback and I find myself working in a coastal town eye this wrote it on Monday has arrived to us today is Thursday the coastal town called la ràpita About two hours from Barcelona in a beach bar earning fifty euros a day and I already made an appointment to apply for asylum and they have given it to me on September 3 PRIXLINERS everything is going well I wanted to share this experience with you blessings for me and for all of you message from william castro congratulations william fifty euros a day is already winning at the beach bar and PRIXLINERS has made the appointment for nothing take note of those who want asylum about the red card will have already done it in barcelona that madrid you already know that it is saturated and another message that I received today this one that is from Luis Mesa that helps get the nie now what about me repueblo that we have talked about in the other videos he has gone to the police in the canary islands and they have told him that as as it is in a tourist situation that cannot be given nie so take note is what we talked about in the trap of entering as a tourist ok let’s help Luis as we can but of course to get mine is when you are out of Spain or when you are but in a way well we’ll talk later to not entertain our guest Jennifer who has cost a lot to bring her I’m going to present the good and Jennifer Hello well present yourself if you want to get in the background and I’m in and I’m 37 years old and I’ve been in construction as years 11 12 years I’m going to tell us basically how the construction is, what the demand claims, the salaries, the schedules if you want to come to work here what do you need and so on that apparently there is a lot of work in the selection and apparently in preparation with an instagram section that by the way has asked us gabo leo 93 on instagram on the PRIXLINE channel and we have already had to leave that there was work for carpentry assistants YES YES there is not much work there if Corporal Leo 93 and you are listening to us because you know there is a lot of work there are many exits now there is a lot of work not only carpentry masons pawns Now you will not explain in detail I’d like to know Jennifer first as a girl like you it ends on the topic of construction At first you said you didn’t know anything I started my work experience because I worked in a company of my father who has a children’s clothing company has nothing to do with building anything and it was already in a warehouse, that is what is being placed labeling and doing clothes and I got on a page what they were looking for a works administrator I didn’t know anything, I didn’t know what a page was and what a word was, I didn’t know I hardly turned on a computer, nothing was 21 years old that put is required administrative work and it was not necessary that they trained you in the company and so I started the interview and they took me and I started I tell you little by little they gave me a computer a phone and they put me to work and if that’s how I started I didn’t even know what it was I tell you what the tools of windows didn’t know anything nothing internet used it little by little well eleven years twelve years in construction and earning quite a good and very happy schedule you have passed jennifer i guess what the construction crisis was in which there was good in Spain and in general in 2008 true and now again a little since there is a lot of work you have been telling me and the thing for quite a few years there was a very big downturn All construction companies and now I have been in this company for six years now, that is, for six years now a lot of demand and having a lot of work and One thing I wanted to ask you is that some of you asked us if there was work for architects in Valencia I asked I do not have the comment here but did not put it the other day I said I thought so because I now see that construction already has a lot of work but that is why we have brought Jennifer she is the real one expert who knows it well Tell them a little for what issues there is work and also tell them I would like if there is a possibility that some company construction can send them as a pre-job offer with which they can regularize their papers and come to work right now what is demanded a lot are trades trades I mean masons Plumber Carpenters that is because a construction company we will see I explain is a construction company that goes to 100 homes because that construction company has to be hiring subcontracts that its contracts is to say companies that each one has it is not the coast directly to workers not those that each company is engaged in a trade that is to say count would have a carpentry company is in another company joint in which it is these companies are called subcontractors and that in subcontractors are those that hire the construction company friend makes a company does not do all the trades each company makes a trade and then they when looking for work do not will also invest in the construction company such as they have to do so that they do not Get on the internet and look for me plumber jobs in 12 months and you’ll see that those companies are the one you hire and those subcontractors are the ones that are going to do another one back by the main contract that is to say the one that does the work and in them you have to look for the subcontractors that is the one that is going to hire them is they call us the main construction company I’m catching you, he’s not wondering right now live Carlos Alvarez tells us how much can a person earn the carlos question expects some wrong subsection to see this and not subscribe to subscribe right now so then you can in the next live ask live and of course with bell to let you know the application So what do we say to Carlos Alvarez who asks how much a person can earn as they do the test depends on what trade for example there are the trades the trades are the carpenters plumbers Formwork depends for example a focused will charge more to the best than a pawn It depends on the job that you you say or what you want to dedicate then there are also the construction teams the construction teams are the ones that do the works that is of work assistant of work not attractive of work the foreman and the manager that there is a lot of exposure there are many how much you can earn from one extreme to another so that they know more or less a pawn can earn between Those 1000 1200 euros PRIXLINERS and for how many hours or so or 40 hours a week and that Fridays do not work On Friday at one o’clock the construction schedule is from Monday to Thursday from 8 to 6 with an hour to eat and on Fridays from 8 with this week and that’s lower 1200 euros already up then then up now there are no gruistas and the gruistas earn quite well also I know maybe what is tuning It pays quite well then it is between 1000 1200 and the maximum for example a construction manager Between 2,500 and 3,000 euros PRIXLINERS tells us Carlos Alberto Alvarez Well, we just answered the following: I can work being there illegal I am from Venezuela gabriel andrade asks us I answer your turn Carlos what I said at the beginning of the video that Jennifer was advising me, you have to look for one as the auxiliaries were a outsource that makes you a pre-job offer that you are going to hire and with that you go to the state to the consulate if you are out or to the immigration office and with that you can regularize their papers I feel they already hire you directly in black they can’t hire you because then subcontractors drop their hair You know of course a subcontractor, that is, a construction company that will hire its contractors, which are the ones that are going to hire you they cannot have no because for example I am you and yes of the construction company and I so that an uncle entered my work I have to see that he has all the documentation in order if they can’t bring the work what can be done is the pre-contract and that he fixes the client papers and you can hire him is that true that is what we have talked about in all the videos, but it is a good way to look that the name goes against me against those looking for subcontractors and you look for them on google and they will do the pre-contract so you can fix the papers and you can come to work you know some subcontract name that can be said or crazy where they can look for them in infoempleo and in infojobs you put in the search engine plumbing Carpenter the job you want and you will get all the offers that exist but in all Spain in all places and told me that there were for example face they were not finding masons there is no there it’s very difficult PRIXLINERS PRIXLINERS doesn’t say she is an expert masons We found it also says it says it says it also not carpenters too and there are many jobs that are in high demand is that right now there is so much demand for construction and so many homes are being made as there was a crisis people dedicated themselves to other things construction began and was dedicated to other things now there is a lot of demand and now people who have dedicated to construction I don’t leave it is returning debate then there is a lot of demand very difficult I want to greet claudia quickly soon we do the consulting claudia instagram we are talking blue to gabriel good to all vale azora vabbel for forgiveness i never say your name well Listen, I continue with the questions Alex Ortiz tells us where the beautiful lady is very nice I am from Alcorcón Madrid You learn from Madrid that as many times we bring people from outside that from this Madrid They ask us Temis castles greetings I am a civil engineer I will have opportunities in Spain I am Venezuelan is a civil engineer and they’re also looking for they’re not looking for it’s not search pages sign up for the offers that they have then they will be called there is a lot of clear demand and another one if you are from Venezuela or Themis Themis Castle I think I read your name well if I say no wrong forgive me Many if you are from Venezuela and want to come here and say goodbye is the red card and at six months you can work legally ok and there is work and what I told you at the beginning of the video the interview for the red card in barcelona They are taking 10 months here in Madrid well months to give it but has told us a william castro in the face of arriving in barcelona and they have given it to him on September 2 be it within ten days that is why in Barcelona they give it to you today PRIXLINERS I continue with the questions Emma Cáceres Hi Luis, what are the most industrial areas in Spain? and you are half says say more in more caceres hello luis what are the most areas industrialists in Spain I dedicate myself to logistics and I am thinking go to spain and I want to choose the right region in my experience greetings from argentina greetings to earth from madrid live what area is explained and more if transport logistics madrid madrid The delivery statement Madrid Madrid as a very large exchange even true Well here is a message that Ricardo Ruiz has taken away.

I don’t know if the olont has taken it away and it has been taken away. angelica silva hello how are you thanks for the information how could we contact those companies tell it to those who have just connected sometimes someone who doesn’t pay attention In Internet with those companies it’s simple there Any questions employment office and then all these have search engine look for the administrative office pawns is the plumber glassmaker everything you want an architect in an architect engineer the architect of Valencia who wanted to go to work in Valencia that I don’t remember your name yes if you are watching the video we do it for you friend also can You want to do what What does the job look for sign up and there and there the company will be called you will have to put your resume dedicate the experience you have Good evening Ricardo Ruiz or good afternoon Adriana maria hello luis greetings congratulations thank you very much to all of you the videos we do it because you are but for what we were going to do Paula Paola can get a work visa as a great-grandson of Spanish look Paula who are changing the law they call the law of grandchildren the law of we are going to make a video of that, but it is still unapproved, I will tell you that they will call it the law of descendants but but it is not approved I will make a video of that, I will refer you to the future video but if you are going to see more facilities Ricardo Ruiz just arrived at the transmission asks the pawn wins 1200 euros with papers You are always told under construction you will not be hired by the company he would hire him but he can’t do it he won’t do it because the stable would cut the can what happens that you imagine that there is an accident that I had an accident to be killed Imagine that a person has an injury Is Also say what needs to be done so that If you don’t have papers if an accident happens and a boy falls the protocol is quickly activated means the protocol that I told you they have the community of madrid has the inspector ask for documentation of the kid of the company of all that there is and if there is not a single paper the one who goes for In front of the construction company and in turn what who has hired a paperless boy but there is a solution that is to hire you to look for the contracts that are the ones that control people by trades as explained by jennifer the plumber glassmaker architect Mason even if you are in Colombia, you look for it, write it and hello you ask me to do a pre-contract you go to the consulate and with that they give you the residence and work permit Summarized and fast because as he explained to us Jennifer for example now in the subject of trowel mason is that there is no in Spain because he had the crisis the people of that world left Then you have a window of opportunity sometimes that I do not miss the comments Hears The construction is lived very well if you ride it well you live very well you work if you are good you work well you get the job and the truth is that I don’t have the truth So Find the job you want to do and put the batteries by the way as I see here you transmit lawyers That says they always go out with beautiful women that says it for you I recommend you transmit to former lawyers who is now here in Spain and wants to fix the papers transmits former lawyers is right now in the chat has a good channel what I recommend and I recommend your services has nothing to do with us I personally don’t know him but he does a thing that does a good job so I don’t say it for but I say it because it’s like that because you see it what it is that I keep reading Don Luis left Colombia Without documents, construction work can be obtained.

What we have said is a pre-contract. and look you speak with paperwork and I mouse and there they fix it so you can come to work OK more more good such a ta If I get lost, I miss a click let’s see claudia the latin the latin we can’t do that job application process from our country only the Peruvians and Chileans because of the migration treaty that they have with Spain, that is not the case anybody claudia you can fix it one way or another but if you can some it is more difficult indeed Latin Americans in Latin America have more facilities one of you who arrives here this two years can legally request the nationality if it were From morocco for example if it were from china it’s 10 years I know that I tell you very simple and very easy that simplified it then look you have to process former lawyers who already tells you as it is worth Let’s see zulma hello I am a certified dentist and I am in Colombia it would be better to travel there and look for a job well man depends a little on you zulma what I do see is like when he talks about construction First known to many dentists working a lot what also there is a demand for the truth about teeth who wants to work work yes you really don’t want that by the way We agree and we are both Spanish and I have read one statistic a while ago to come to this live video that said that most of the jobs are including people who are coming from outside in Spain I don’t know that the Spanish are asleep I don’t say it very loudly spanish media they have a lot of claw they come forward and they don’t make a mess of anything tells us johnny romero hello luis how’s work for programmers and developers of applications very well I do not even send you a video that I made down some Venezuelan girls who are twins with a look I was working and offered me a contract for 30 thousand euros and just arrived ok and without the need to approve because the issue of telecommunications computing The company wants to see that you know what to do and palante is as for example for the construction company, if he does do your job you are not going to ask certified certificate that that you are a glassmaker in the construction with which the one that worked and do it Well, it’s worth it and they’re going to pay you just as violently, there’s a lot of work for engineering computer science and that also applies Israel towers hello I have two Colombian nationalities mentioned a carpenter master carpenter More than 40 years of experience I am 62 years old but enjoyed excellent health.

Do you think I have a chance for a good carpenter? even if I have 62 years if you have experience you could work and now what you are looking for is to have experience that gets the job done right. Y for example we had How much nothing after the video that some guests Then the PRIXLINERS video is over and when we turn off and leave, I made the same today with this that does not happen to me when approaching tell them in my company has finished a home has been delivered is one more people than the buyer and while they were sleeping with their people with their furniture at home Tombs on the bed have dropped the roof and please that’s all The partition workers who have done these things those who have put those who have said that they shouldn’t be very good is what I’m going to so if you know how to do the job well and you show teachers do 60 60 40 years if you’re good you are going to be paid and you are going to be hired and that is what you are looking for Fernando Fernando Barbará I sign up for Peru and Chile OK we will make a saying that Peru and Chile have they have advantages I’m going to investigate and we make a video of that come ok they didn’t know half of things happen to them well most of them who work in the villages for example there is a lot of work PRIXLINERS Yes ok come on we will invite TRAMITEX if you want if you want to make a joint video one of these days I invite you now publicly that the PRIXLINERS are asking me ok he is a lawyer I am not a lawyer so there are already detailed points We will try to make a video with TRAMITEX Abogados In any case you have your channel, you also look for an exhausted process and you have to see it you have a castle thanks for everything talking about another topic sorry in your previous video of the towns you recommended that you call the city ​​halls I did it and they tell me that once that people without papers are not accepted of course themis you have to take the nie then then the same with the nie Then the mayor makes the offer and with that you can come and regularize the situation and the other way is how william castro do you come you ask for an appointment for political asylum and at six months they give you a card that already work legally that is the way the roads that are happening to me it is not easy it has also happened what has happened to the another boy in the Canary Islands who, as a tourist, has gone to the police to ask for the cni and of course he has not been deported or fined very well but they haven’t given him the nie because, of course, it is not worth coming here as a tourist, I know that I have been there for a year and a half I am worth the thing about the nie is above all I say for those who are outside consulate or those who have arrived according to what form if they give you mine and with that you can go to town ok and of course those who ask for the appointment of the red card for political asylum humanitarian information you know that there goes a go and there it will also be that at six months you can work I insist I say it is mine it is my opinion it is not recommendation but come on I say it as I see it Of course you are brave, you are going out to your comfort zone, so I have read the video or the comment that we has put william castro I have read it this morning is in the previous video is an example to follow is working fifty euros a day and he has the appointment for the red card he has it for September 2 within 10 days forgive me Jennifer so tell them something else you have pending look at me some comment What can I tell you to see well and let’s talk about the topic of Admired that this is with you Rosario my son is an industrial electrician where I can send his CV there in Madrid we are from Peru Some subcontractor sounds to you that sounds like something to you we are helping level in electronics allows is a subcontract of need epc is another electricity subcontractor alclimat is others Thinking if anyone has followed well, you can then replay the video and catch james’ words again What else is as simple as getting in is that right now there is no clear that the memory is true but not but already you have given many clues and if more is to go into google to look at electricity companies and there they will all come out like wind in the pages what I tell you the pages in which by trade as you said exactly that that search by trade, job search pages by trade by electrician this are going to be all offers where I and description of the offers because you construction companies that work for a construction company and another construction company do not hire so many people to hire subcontractors in trafficking who are the ones that hire link is therefore you have to look for subcontracts any place of the trade plumbing electricity companies according to the trade with that it doesn’t give anything Well, let’s see what I was going to tell you, oh well on the subject of construction too and it never bores you There is not no day is the same there is no day to repeat every day a new thing comes out that’s the good thing here the fun for me is the fun because we haven’t broken us maybe like you’re in an office and you always have to do the same here not here always that work comes out and problems always arise problems have to be given to laughs sometimes other times not so many laughs but there is everything so This entertaining you suddenly go to work and look at the clock and it’s already 6 o’clock I think that’s a good thing because you are not looking forward to going home Marcela Peña tells us that is having security problems there in Colombia and what area is safe here in Spain for her and for her daughter marcela I believe that all areas but true Barcelona capital now has a little more fame but but everything else fine here there is no security come on here we are allowing to marcela in spain there is no security problem ok and then Carlos de Colombia is telling us if he can get a job in appliance maintenance Well, what do you think, Jennifer, I think I do look the other day I was looking offers for the pages behind that employment scale and I saw one of those precisely if true It is a well-known company of maintenance of household appliances Carlos Alberto Alvarez Esteban, what a shame the Internet left me when when you were going to say how much a person earns in construction repeat it will be taken away from those who have just connected As I tell you, the lowest trade can be a pawn, a pawn and one can expect to earn between 1,000 1,200 euros and then the most that fat can go up from the construction manager who is the one who runs the work will win between 2500 and 3000 and then round the Friday at one-thirty Friday at one adapted rest a discarded lagoon as far as the bank passes says address villavicencio good afternoon there is work for women se You work in construction Tell them you and I have many partners who work in construction, there are even women heads of work, even in women door assemblers what it is to carry formwork paints there is everything since women today we can the world If that Says good afternoon to work in the aluminum and glass industry, what are the possibilities for immigrants? And Adam Rosales also tells us that as an electrician in construction we have also told you here search pages of Job search by trades you are looking for the search engine so carpentry plumbing site you will know all the trades and in the places where Madrid is Barcelona Zaragoza then you already sign up for the offer mod you put your resume and you already have to angelica silva how much money you have to show in terms of livelihoods for a couple those first six months of red card in which no Mir Angel is allowed to work and here for a red card they don’t ask for it, it’s a refuge issue and they don’t ask for money Nothing for what they are going to ask you is an hour before when you enter Spain they ask about 90 euros per day ok if you come as a tourist of course when you enter as a tourist then they already ask for the red card before to pass the customs border they ask you about 90 euros per day 90 92 paperwork lawyers maybe I refer you to him but come on I say it so fast so cp well I know if you are going to be ten days they will ask you ninety for ten days 900 euros is not that you have to bring them in cash with it shows that you have it in your account on your credit card ok if you are going to be five days five days for 90 now the next day you are going to ask for the appointment to the red card and that’s it and they will not ask for more money there the question is what you need to to survive is that they are asked for at least six months that they cannot work and that there is that there are another three years now rooting in six months later and at six months they give him one that if they can work he wins how they endure six months some advice It is the very good concept effectively to the fullest ok I think it has been angelic not if it does not return those questions it is worth me to see it later in the comments finally Viviana Cruz Air Maintenance Well Well Companies of air conditioning and are usually the same companies that have plumbing heating jobshari and ask what you want you can put it here and now in the chat or later in the comments castle tennis thanks for everything talking about another topic Ok this we have already answered We have not responded and I am comfortable, I am with you, you go out and that is why it is something man the laws must be changed, of course, they must be improved because they don’t have people for construction and you look at the obstacles that they put on you but we are not a policy channel We are governed by the rules and the same We give you the information that is much later, they are really brave, when I see messages like the one I’ve read before, they come in the work and right now where I am they are almost all foreigners that almost everything me PRIXLINERS if I am with them I was to find work a general the Spaniards that we are are those who are in the work team that is to say the work manager in charge construction assistant and me I just read the same myself I’m here helping them but that this is a job guidance channel for everyone for state Spanish that happens that I found that the 90% are from abroad I help anyone who wants to work here in PRIXLINE has a support and that’s it, but that’s the way it is well nothing PRIXLINERS PRIXLINERS look here come this yours read it you want excellent director Argentine with passport and Argentine director with community passport I am saved soldiers and officers metallurgists with 25 years of experience there is work out there what is the average salary thank you well I work here There is quite Blissful 2 has said if the welder welder’s metallurgical officer and officer by then there is also a lot of demand and this earns a lot since the lower also depends on the company in which you are hired there are companies that are more rater and there are other companies that are more It is also calling depends on the worker if you have enough experience as you are saying that he considered that it will be a turnaround Marcela Peña tells us that it was not a security problem forgive me marcela wrong is the violation of her health and education rights her daughter has a condition of disability look I tell you a very simple thing marcela Any person in Spain with papers or without papers has the right to education and health and it doesn’t matter if I don’t have the papers to reside or work so that your daughter will be able to study and will be entitled to health and then nothing PRIXLINERS that the last voucher enrique navarro and the following you put in the comments that if I do not Don Luis says no but for me now Don Luis says after six months of the red card it is possible to work with all labor rights if Enrique Navarro at six months with the red card you can work totally legal with all all the rights that any Spanish what any other person who has obtained it by other means is worth what will happen then they will have to answer you if they definitely leave you the they give you asylum or not but in answering they will take you well, look for about three years and what will happen though they will tell you that no that it is probable that those three years have been able to be working legally and everything perfect and then as three years will have passed after three years you can order now the residence by rooting that is said even if they did not give you asylum later because you already ask for roots that the three years that have also counted and already look and then you can even ask until the nation two years later that So that’s it, but let’s go on the answers that follow with the red card, work just like anyone else PRIXLINERS thank you very much for being there for listening to jennifer Thank you very much for having come for having agreed to the invitation if you want to add something that would tell you who wants to work Here to work and more if you feel like it eager Well, you really want to and eager Well, PRIXLINERS I have come to have forgiveness for construction work, that is, in the absence of 1 2 if you are happy i am very happy and you are PRIXLINERS if you liked the video give it a like Y nothing and have the consultancies you add me @PRIXLINE on instagram and let me know by messenger and we are already putting them I am putting as a calendar and we will be doing them in direct ok Y nothing and whoever sees it and is not subscribed to subscribe that as always we broadcast live if you give the bell to to warn you well thank you all very much thanks to jennifer and chao chao PRIXLINERS live chau


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